What are Keg Growlers?

A Keg Growler is a large volume beverage container that can be pressurized, tapped and dispensed like a standard keg - but it can be filled like a regular growler. They can be used for any beverage, from beer, cider, kombucha, wine etc.. 

The Keg Growlers are the perfect size for easy transporting! Here are the dimensions of for the following size:

2.1 gallon = 9.25 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall


You may ask 'what about safety' when you attempted to open up the keg to clean it and refill it - our patent pending system automatically releases any pressure that is left in the Keg Growler. So you can now safely fill, tap and enjoy!

Here is a short instructional video on how the Smart Spear Technology works:


We highly recommend that you follow the instructions for cleaning and spear operations AND check your local laws regarding the legality of filling these larger sized Keg Growlers. You can review some growler information from the Brewers Association.