About Us

What happens when an Engineer meets up with a Home Brewer?

Keg Growlers!

We wanted to have our favorite beer on hand - all the time. The problem was that all we could get was a 64 oz growler but it was only good for a few hours. We already had a kegerator and CO2 but we couldn't use it with a standard growler, so we got together to create an easy to use vessel that you can fill like a growler and tap like a keg! 

Fill the Keg Growler with kombucha, soda, cider, wine, beer or use it to make soda water - this vessel is that versatile! Just fill, tap and enjoy!

Born in the center of the Craft Beer Mecca - Bend Oregon, Keg Growlers is determined to better your portable beverage experience. We are constantly looking to improve on our product and how all beverages are served and stored. Have an idea for a keg? Email us, we are always open to ideas (info@KegsUnlimited.com)!