Keg Growlers

Standard Keg Growler Package


The standard Keg Growler package includes everything you need to fill, tap and enjoy your favorite craft beverage! All of our Keg Growlers utilize the industry standard Sanke D-Type connection (the American type used in the standard kegerator) to use with a standard pump tap for a short term dispensing or use it with your own kegerator/CO2 system.


Choose the 2.1 gallon Keg Growler with a standard brushed stainless steal or polished finish:
2.1 gallons = 15 standard pints


This package includes:
1) Keg Growler (2.1 gallon)
1) Fusion Cap
1) Smart Spear
1) Smart Spear Tool


Keg Growler dimensions are as follows:
2.1 gallon = 9.25 inches wide by 11.5 inches tall



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